miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2009

Confesión #41. AKA: The Awful Truth

I am not broken, but people can still see the scars.
I self-sabotage a lot.
I refuse to settle.
I am bitter.
I blame others.
I think more about the men in my past than I do about the men in my present.
I haven´t decided if I want love or not.
Most days I think it´s more convenient to just skip it all together.
Others, I truly wish it were a possibility for me.
Sometimes I wonder if I already met the love of my life, but I was very busy hanging out with all the wrong people or working my ass off for my future.
I am paranoid.
I wish I were more like my mother.
I wish I were less like my mother.
I regret it.
No, I don´t.
I wonder how I got here.
I miss Flo. London should die.
I really hope you don´t know. How will I look at you from now on?
I´m coming out of the closet: my favorite musical genres are hip hop and salsa. They switch from day to day, but it´s always those two.
Empire State of Mind is the best song I´ve listened to in the whoooole year.
This post is written entirely in english because it´s easier for me to tell the truth like this.
I LOVE my job.
I am going to miss Paul.
I love to sing in my car, I love to sing in the shower, I love to sing in the street. I think life is a musical.
I am very proud of the fact that I have stopped judging people (men) based on looks.
I still make fun of certain women who wear terrible outfits, from time to time.
I love this Andreína.
November was the best month ever: new car, new MacBook Pro, new BB.
It´s soooo much better to be the single girl with the great bank account than it is to be the girl with a boyfriend who has to do whatever he tells her because she needs him financially.
Say the word and I´m there. You should know that by now.
2009 was the year for Asumirse. And I did.
I am going to take over the world, you´ll see. And govern it wisely.
I´ve been in a please-sir,-I´d-like-some-more kindda mood all week. DAMN IT.

3 comentarios:

Toto dijo...

Love when you blog.
Missed call and voice mail warning alert: hasta que no pague no lo puedo oir.

El Lord dijo...

is the week over?
do you sing in public?

Mariale divagando dijo...

jajajaja seguro gobernarás sabiamente...