domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

When Nos-talgia kicks your pretty little ass all the way to your laptop

Play me. Play me like your guitar. Play hide and seek with me. Lie to my face and the fuck it up. I can always tell. I am an actress, after all. Go watch a movie with me. Find me bright and funny. Lose me with your mistakes and then win me back.

Expose your soul and conceal your flaws. Write stupid notes and whistle my way. Rhyme so you can seduce me. Seduce me with rhymes. (Yours or other people´s). Say I´m pretty even when I´m hungover. Shy away. Talk non-stop about everything. I probably won´t be interested in half of it, but I´ll smile and nod. You won´t be able to tell. Be in pain. Be in The Pain with me. Nurture me back to life with soup for the hungover soul.

Make fun of me and my train of thought. Laugh at my new material and boo the new material that didn´t work. Cry freely when Andy gives his toys away. Explain the new slang, I am often lost in it. Learn my favorite words and make lists with me. Buy me some turquoise Post Its and you´ll have my love forever.

Explain why "haters gonna hate" is awesome but "lovers gonna love" is just stupid. Find stupid random shit funny with me. Play tag. Be witness to the artist I am going to become. Be yourself. Boss me around when and where it´s fun and sexy. Don´t call me when I´m on my lady days. I don´t want to scare the bejesus out of you.

Use random french expressions in every day life and join me for a crêpe afterwards. Sing, so I can dance. Quote Mafalda and Ruben Darío. Never say I´m too old to be that princess, because I will collect your head. Go down unexplored paths with me and marvel at the findings. Be careless and reckless and wild with me. Stay when I insist you go. Go when you really have to.

I don´t even know who I wrote this for. Nostalgia is a Motherf... 

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¡мэиğаиα! dijo...

Me hiciste pensar en esta frase:

“Ciertas cosas te quedan como un tatuaje en el cuerpo. Yo tengo algunos versos tatuados en la memoria.”
— Cortázar.