sábado, 12 de enero de 2008

Random Thoughts On Facebook

1.- Why do people add the Birthday Alarm application if Facebook already tells you who´s b-day is coming up ?
2.- I fucking hate people who think are rockstars and you can´t view their profiles unless they have accepted your friend request.
3.- I fucking hate both idiots that have me on limited profile.
3.1.- I have no need or desire to find out how you are, where you are working, what´s your relationship status or who´s wall you killed just by posting something cuz I hate you.
3.2.- I have no need or desire to find out how you are, where you are working, what´s your relationship status or who´s wall you just killed just by posting something because you are, excuse me, a pelabola.
4.- Isn´t it just easier to ignore the friend request or not sending it?
5.- Why don´t friends filter pictures? I know I should wear make up sometimes. I know I shouldn´t get Black-Out Drunk. But I also know it´s not nice to post awful pictures of someone who sends you Booze Mail and pokes you occasionally.
6.- Why would anyone want to be a zombie? or vampire?
7.- Support Swedish Underwear Models. Why ? Are they extinct? Or close to? Yeeei!
8.- I hate people who don´t invite to their events when they know me well enough to do so. Tea with your grandma? Fine. But, graduation??
9.- What ever happened to MSN Messenger? Are they broke yet?
10.-People stopped posting funny videos. All you can find now is stupid shit like: "If I were a planet, I´d be Pluto: cold, frigid and excluded".
11.- This goes out to my previously mentioned Non Filter Friends: old people have Facebook now. Members of my family included. So... filter away or tag not.

3 comentarios:

mariana dijo...

OK... mi familia entera , primos comprendidos entre los 7 y 56 años aproximadamente TIENEN facebook.
Mi mamá porsupuesto TAMBIÉN... (por cierto, cuidado que seguro te agrega y empieza a ensuciarte la pared, y eso es lo menos pavoso de lo que es capaz)

es una plaga! Beware
Anytime now te aseguro que todo bebé será enseñado a hacerse un profile antes que aprender "Mi mamá me mima, mi mamá me ama"

mariana dijo...

ps: el por supuesto es separado, no se hizo el space. (antes que te de un ataque JAJA)

Laura Strazzaboschi dijo...

Diiiiiiiiime. Tambien miembros de la mía. Ahora tengo que justificar donde estan toooodos los amigos que se fueron con nosotros a la playa porque "ay laura pero en tus fotos solo sale otra pareja". No joda.