jueves, 29 de mayo de 2008

It´s Her Birthday. So This One, Goes Out To Her.

There are many reasons why she is now, not one of my friends, but of my sisters. I wish everyone in the world had one like her next to them. I was so lucky to meet her. I never thought back when we first met, that friendships like ours could develop after graduating high school. Thankfully, I was wrong.

She´s caring, she´s brilliant, she´s dynamic, she´s proactive, she´s charismatic, she´s unstoppable, she´s energetic, she´s pretty and she has a great sense of humor. She will take over the world. Everyone likes her, cuz there is nothing not to like. She has this incredible ability of pulling you out of your darkest places. She has great music taste. She is the best secret keeper in the world. She is as wise as a (now) 23 year old gets. She came up with one of the greatest quotes of all time. And she meant it. She is not, nor will ever be, judging you. She is just smiling. She has a beautiful family who cares and adopts disfunctional friends like yours truly. She hates her ears eventhough nobody understands why. She is the creator of the funniest "fishing game" ever. She´s the best company, even if it is only Nestea what you are drinking. She tells is like it is. She is understanding. She is the master and creator of 1001 elegant ways to say "marica, la estás cagando." She knows, to the button, which one I need to hear.

She will be there every single time. She will always have something nice to say about her crazy-ass friend. She will help me bury the bodies. She will plan my bachelorette party. She will push me down the isle when I have a nervous breakdown. She will give me health-related important phone numbers. She will help me figure out wich African orphan to adopt. She will help me raise him/her. She will be in my wedding party. She´ll throw me a divorce party. She will buy all the wine I can drink at the precise time I need it. She will cry when I win my first Academy award. She will be one of the first people I´ll call when I do so. She´ll party with all my Hollywood A-lister friends. She will be a guest of honor in every house I own. She´ll say, when I finally make it: "dunno why you are so surprised. There was never a doubt in my mind." She will cry when I die. She will die after me, because she knows I couldn´t live without her.

May you become wiser and older but still never look a day older than thirty. Imagine the amount of money you´ll save in facials and make up. May you laugh, cry, drink, party, study, work, wed, bear children and/or live your life exactly how you want it. May you take over the world (as I know you will). May you do it all the same time while wearing stilettos and a matching purse. May you be you, as perfect as you are, for ever.

She´s got my back. And it was about time she knew I´ve got hers. Thank you. No, seriously, thank you.

I love you for ever and ever Strazzie. Happy birthday.

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Laura Strazzaboschi dijo...

And tears there were hehe... I love you forever until we die too Darlin! Thank you again and again and again! Te quiero infinito.

Beatriz E Moreno dijo...

Que hariamos sin amigas asi? Grande LAu por ser esa persona y NINA you rock por decirselo!