domingo, 28 de septiembre de 2008

Making Them Work For It

When women like a guy there´s always a conundrum. Should we semi actively let our interest be known or should we just sit and knit while we wait for the fucker to ask us out on a date?

I have discovered that when you make the move men get bored. Why? Because they are assholes. They spend their lives telling us that they wish girls were a little more upfront. And when the upfrontness and awesomeness come, they pee in their pants and leave us, right back where we started before entering this enterprise, alone and dateless.

This, I have stated it previously, is due to the fact than men are genetically build to be the hunters. The mamuts they miss so dearly are now replaced by us. And guess what? Hunting season is now 365 days a year. They want to come, see and fuck. Not conquer. But God forbid we want to or OMG! say we want to. (Conquer... and yes, sometimes fuck too).

So here is the way to work around it. We are clearly smarter than them. Us girls, proudly users of just one head, can pretty much conquer them and make them want to conquer us without them even knowing it. Be subttle and naïve while wearing killer shoes and, for those of us mammary challenged, using a wonderbra. Make them think they are doing all the work and you are just the lamb to his allmighty lion. Pretend you have no idea of all the moves you are using on the guy. Pretend, ladies, is the operative term. Plant thoughts in his head and let him take the credit. I don´t mean smile and be nice. I mean smile because he´s doing exactly what you wanted him to do. Smile mischevously. Smile about how mean you are being to the guy, for a change. A refreshing change. Pretend you like him more than you do and think about him all the time. Riiiight. When the point comes where he´s thinking: "piece of cake, she´s just sooo into me," vanish. Disappear for a few days and casually call 72 hours later. This will drive him mad. And he will then realize how much he really likes you. How much he madly likes you. And you, would have wan the contest. Like the snake that eats a dying mouse that in turn was poisoned to death, hence... the sneak dies too.

The magic of these tricks is simple. They are working for it. And they never get bored. Their lame competitive bullshit keeps them working for you and you receive a degree in puppetteering. You win the game, a degree in Mindtricks and the guy. And tons of free drinks and dinners in the process.

PS: It helps if your Deer Caught In Headlights Look comes framed in mascara.
PPS: it helps even more if the shoes are leopard print.

4 comentarios:

Bibi dijo...

I love this..
"Like the snake that eats a dying mouse that in turn was poisoned to death, hence... the sneak dies too."

Juan Miguel dijo...

I love, LOVE!, generalizations.

Gustvao dijo...

The disappearing for 72 hours technique works both ways. When you do it to a girl you are playing with her ego and that drives them mad!

Carito dijo...

No podría estar más de acuerdo!