domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Bordering Paulo Coehlo today

I have lived carelessly because I find that to be a virtue and not a flaw.

I have lived every moment juuuust the way I wanted to live it.

I have no regrets.

No. I have one. I gave him too much of me for too long. I let that asshole trap me and make me his prisoner. Then again, that was what feels like a long time ago. 

Brief musical interruption: but then again, too few to mention. Moving on. 

Once you regret things publicly and openly, you are free to carry on. Keeping calm and everything. 

That´s why I´ve wanted to love only free men, ever since.

Neither one of them let me. Love them, I mean.

I have been up and down. And the thing about the Down is that it makes you appreciate the Up once you get there. It makes you want to work your way Up. One day you just wake up with the will to climb back up to where you want to be. Which we will call Up, from this day forward. People need being Down.

The Down is the unevitable path to the Up.

It sounds like a cliche when you say it, but Chuck Klosterman once said that there is nothing more true than a cliché. And Chuck Klosterman is to wisdom what Chuck Norris is to martial arts. He is never wrong.

I have done everything my way.

I have been thoughtful and kind when needed and ruthless when threatened.

I have been overprotective of them when it was necessary.

I have loved so many times, so differently. I have given until there was nothing inside me left. 

I have never expected to be loved back or to receive anything when I did so.

I have learned to bite my tongue.

I have learned how to be tolerant and patient, sometimes.

I have grown where it counts.

I have learned that you can ride the elevator and it will get you there. But it´s safer to take the stairs. It´s even better for your health.

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