lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

I will commit to my word

I will stop being afraid.
I will stop judging myself so harshly.
I will not stop making fun of myself. Healthily.
I will work harder than anyone.
I will not mock people who are inferior.
I will stop considering anyone "inferior".
I will not consider anyone to be above me.
I will love until I bleed.
I will love enough to make me cry.
I will love again. Everyone.
I will love myself, above everyone else. 
I will respect me.
I will work really hard on trusting myself.
I will exploit and nurture all my talents.
I will reach my potential.
I will read more.
I will write at least as much as I read.
I will get things done.
I will stop planning for a better future, I will work on it.
I will focus on the tiny things.
I will work hard.
I will keep in shape.
I will not hurt my instrument.
I will find a way to make more money and be happier at the same time.
I will quit every relationship that is not healthy.
I will not be a coward.
I will stand up to those who want to hurt me.
I will stand up for myself so nobody can hurt me again.
I will fight for what is right.
I will fight for my dreams.
I will encourage the part of me that knows she can.
I will drown down the voice of the part of me that tells me I can not.
I will focus.
I will do.
I will let go.
I will express my feelings in a calm, rational manner.
I will always express my feelings unless they hurt others.
I will forgive as much as I possibly can.
I will laugh out loud without reasons.
I will find reasons as often as possible.
I will smile at strangers.
I will be less of a bitch when I am on my period.
I will be kinder to everyone.
I will not lose hope on him.
I will be there for him even if, like right now, he doesn´t deserve it. 
I will be thankful for everything I have.
I will work to get the things I don´t yet.
I will follow through.
I will watch better movies.
I will not dumb down, for anyone.
I will love myself even when I don´t deserve it.

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