domingo, 22 de abril de 2007

Grey´s Diagnosis

Which Character Are You Most Like?

Your job is your life, and you are extremely good at what you do, but don´t forget there´s more to life than your career. You are a modern woman who doesn´t buy into the puppies and flowers side of life, and you wouldn´t be caught dead saying "I love you", but hey, we are on to you: you care more about others tan you ever let on.

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2 comentarios:

eusucre dijo...

I´m a Meredith!

Mmm, how about a McDreamy?

Nina dijo...

Jajajaja que cagada que segun esa definicion me toca el unico que no tiene un sobrenombre fino!

PS: la gerencia se excusa por la falta de acentos... laptop de mi mama.