martes, 29 de abril de 2008

Dear Blog:

I know I hate you sometimes. I know that I suck at figuring you out, because everyone has cool pictures and videos and backgrounds and you don´t. I know I give you less credit than you deserve every single time anyone that likes you mentions you. I know I have left you unattended for long periods of time and you don´t deserve that.

I know that maybe I can express myself better in english, but I go for spanish so someone, anyone out there can relate to what I´m going through and say so. I know that is very selfish of me, but it´s good to know that I´m not the only one doing stupid things (i.e. crying for an asshole).

I really am sorry for everyting. But what I really wanted to say was: thank you for saving my life. Your really did.

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Pedro dijo...

A mí también me cuesta a veces expresarme en español. Es mí idioma y me encanta, pero no hay duda que el ingles es muuuucho más versatil

Beatriz E Moreno dijo...

Como es que el blog te salvo la vida???? Y bueno, tengo que preguntar POR QUIEN ESCRIBES EN ESPAÑOL?? jajaj
Yo escribo en español porque por el camino que iba si no hacia ALGO DRÁSTICO (como empezar la palestra) CHAMA PERDÍA la ortografía y redacción en español!

PebbLes dijo...

tu blog tambien me salvo la vida!

Jefferson dijo...

(A message from your Blog)

Dear Nina:
I understand the words that you wrote and i support you 100%. My friends don`t give me so much credit for my appearance but i don`t care. You know why ? Because the content that fills my pages (internet pages) it`s more important than some stupid look.
Don`t cry Nina, ASSHOLES are everywhere but smart people like us, are strong enough to get over any obstacules along the way.

Perdona el atrevimento. Más vale pedir perdón que permiso dicen por allí.

eusucre dijo...

Mine saved mine too.. jeje

blogs rock!
`y punto...