domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009


You lied. You said you´ll love me for ever. And you broke that promise. The last thing I needed were daddy issues 23 years later. I don´t know what you are playing at, but you win. I can´t do this. You can take it all. You can be a father to them, instead of us. You can travel as much as you want with them and just invite us to where it is convenient for you. Your sons are starting to resent you and your daughter just doesn´t care anymore.

You wanted a break down? Well, here it is. I knew this would come sooner than later. You say I´ve changed and that you hate the person I became. That´s fine, because it´s mutual. You changed too. You don´t wanna deal with it but that´s the way it is. This is the most painful divorce I´ve ever been through. I would trade my soul for being as upset as I was last year over you, not a POS ex-boyfriend. That broke me when it shouldn´t. You broke me right back, but last year will never happen again. This is the first and only time I´m crying because of you and what you said.

It sucks that you won´t ever get this and it sucks that I will never tell you. You wanted to gain two daughters and that´s perfect because you just lost one. Maybe you can promise to love them for ever and actually keep that promise, for a change. I now know where I inherited my ability to be cruel to people from, only this time, I pray to God that the student will never get better at it than the master.

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