martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

Stupid Things People Do

1.- Call someone you shouldn´t.
2.- Press "print" when there´s no paper. And the printer is right next to you but you just don´t look carefully enough.
3.- Fall in love.
4.- Not letting yourself fall in love again.
5.- Self-sabotage your life.
6.- Hurt people.
7.- Pretend to be something you are not.
8.- Repeat over and over that you are ok, but truth is you are tired.
9.- Mix Nestea Durazno with Nestea Limón.
10.- Order the same drink everyone is drinking to try new things.
11.- Leave your Ipod home. That day Chávez surely will want to adress the nation from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM.
12.- Don´t call people you should.
13.- Say things like: "I know about words. Words are my thing. Like, honestly. I do, man," right infront of your former Oral Communication professor.
14.- Wear stilettos to garden parties.
15.- Wear jackets, not going on diets.
16.- Drink and dial.
18.- Care.
19.- Not care.
20.- Skip school to go to the beach the same day your parents chose to go on a whim.
21.- Clap before its over.
22.- Continue cheering "ni un paso atrás" when everyone else fell silent.
23.- Blushing because you screamed "ni un paso atrás" once more than the rest of the total strangers around you.
24.- Signing up for a 10K race the day after you broke your knee, because you never thought it´d be so serious.
25.- Smoke.
26.- Miss fictional characters in books.
27.- Love fictional characters in books.
28.- Project yourself on to fictional characters in books.
29.- Like rockers, actors, artists and the creative type in general.
30.- Be self-centered.
31.- Feel attracted to self-centered people.
32.- Not understading the true concept of He´s Not That Into You.
33.- Turning a perfectly OK book like He´s Not That Into You into a lame, half-ass movie.
34.- Plan nights, plan lifetimes, plan parties, plan reactions.
35.- Date several people at the sime time.
36.- Not date several people at the same time.
37.- Reject an invitation from someone because you are waiting for someone else to call you.
38.- Listen to the same songs for ever.
39.- Dance reggaeton and drinking in the presence of cameras.
40.- Play on broken strings.
41.- Not following your gut. Or the signs.
42.- Smiling when you don´t have or want to.
43.- Letting people you know you like them when sober or drunk.
44.- Not doing it.
45.- Driving without music.
46.- Paying more attention to your Blackberry than to your family.
47.- Not going to museums because they are too far away.
48.- Not saying "fuck you" when you should.
49.- Not knowing that you will regret what you are doing or saying. Knowing but doing it or saying it anyways.
50.- Not being able to find a good number 50.

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La Perfecta dijo...

"Like rockers, actors, artists and the creative type in general"

con esta me jodiste.

I'm stupid, stupid, stupid girl!!!

un beso, marik

Alex N. dijo...

stupid things people do:

put nunmber 3 in a list that says stupid things people do.