domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

Confesión # 76

I guess he is the best mistake I´ll ever make.

Be the bitch everybody thinks you are.

Because loyalty and courage and friendship, well, where have they taken you?


It´s a good place to be. You knew it was lonely at the top, what you didn´t know was the road was going to get this lonely, too. It would hurt me if I was weaker. It would disappoint me if I was less prepared. But it doesn´t even make me feel sad or betrayed. I guess I saw it coming all along.

I am waiting for something that I know is not going to happen.

I am working for everything that will, though.

I consider knowing the difference a victory on itself.

If there are no more tries, failing is not an option and it comforts me.

I rebel in the glory of not knowing right now.

I smile whenever I can.

I force myself to smile whenever I can.

They talk to me all night long but they rather fuck the girl with the Prepago Outfit. I am quite proud of that, actually.

I would like to date comedians Louis CK. I would like to be friends with comedians like Chelsea Peretti, Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Lately.

Dating him would be like going on a Pop Quiz everyday.

I would say hi but I´ve proved myself I shouldn´t be trusted when I talk to you.

A little less talk a little more action please?

You didn´t follow the script and I wanted you to.

I have three bruises and a hickie.

Three bruises because of pole dance lessons and one because of kissing somebody I shouldn´t. Both make me feel equally dangerous.

I like feeling dangerous.

Most days, to feel dangerous I wear mismatching socks, like Dobby.

I have been writing a lot. I just haven´t been posting.

Everytime I get butterflies I drown them with vodka.

Vodka Tonic is my drink now,  Cuba Libre just felt too sweet because of the Coke.

Brazilian. Always.

Nothing binds me to this. To... here.

I have a lot of sober thinking to do.

I find it funny when they think they are using me.

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