martes, 19 de agosto de 2008

Guess Who?

She´s been my Ithaca. My journey. My life, my soul and my heart have always revolved around her. She IS all those three things. She has been my destination, instead of my journey. And that´s the problem. I haven´t realized, up until today, that that was it. I´ve been too busy focusing on the destination that I haven´t enjoyed my journey. The downs and... downs. Because, let me assure you, there have not been downs (as in down hill), but in the emotional life-would-kick-you-in-the-balls-if you-had-any way. She´s been harder than frigging climbing mount Everest, or reaching the top of the Ávila if you smoke a pack a day. She´s been hard. But easy to love. She has put me through a lot. She´s made my life better and worse. I have been with her, for better or for worse. She has kicked me in the ass one too many times. Well, not anymore. As of now I enjoy the bitter-sweetness of her presence in my life. Of her being my life. As of now I would savoy every single "no" and every single "not yet." As of now, I won´t rebel against it and cry my heart out. As of now, I will just do my best (which has always been enoguh, thank you very much) to get AND stay there. On the top. Where I belong.

3 comentarios:

Manuel Andrés Casas dijo...

cheers! for getting to the top and staying there!

Carito dijo...

Bienvenida a la cima!

Toto dijo...

Encontrar estos posts de Nina disfrazada de Maria Von Trapp no son comunes. Da la vueltica en la montaña querida. You won't feel that much better de lo que te sientes pero siempre es bueno hacer el ridiculo cuando se està solo.