viernes, 8 de agosto de 2008

Mentes Verdaderamente Peligrosas, No Como La De Sony. Parte 2.

-Who is that? Is he on a date? Some nerve he has, showing up here with a date!
-Honey, she may be fucking him, but she sure isn´t dating him!
- And that´s supposed to make me feel better?
- Jajaja I´m sorry but you needed to hear it! Anyway, she ain´t got shit on you. She´s actually kindda ugly.
- Well if she´s only fucking him why are they here together?
- Hmm... beats me!
- Well that´s just peachy then.
- OK, you are a strong, beautiful, single woman! There must be someone availiable here.
- Jajaja, you may say that as many times you want. It´s not gonna make it true.

2 comentarios:

La Perfecta dijo...

I HATE the stupid "you are a strong, beautiful, single woman" line

sorry... tenía que sacarlo de mi sistema

Beatriz E Moreno dijo...

esto es conmigo??? jajaja