viernes, 29 de agosto de 2008

Not All Women Can... Deux.

Party all night without sweating and/or looking like shit after a few hours.
Hold their liquor.
Not drink.
Be proper.
Play the piano.
Like cats.
Quit smoking.
Want to quit smoking.
Listen to certain kinds of music.
Own and use BBs properly.
Care if the guy we are seeing has a BB or a Baby Nokia.
Edit themselves.
Stop thinking out loud.
Enjoy everybody's company all the fucking time.
Be in a normal relationship.
Read just Condorito.
Fall in love with or actually care about ordinary men.
Call men who have already rejected us in any way.
Cry for assholes.
Stop crying for assholes.
Introduce said plants disguised as men to our friends or family.
Care about anyone but themselves.

PS: when in doubt, read title AND statement.

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*+MªEugenia+* dijo...

algunas somos del tipo que no podemos no beber! jejeje