lunes, 25 de agosto de 2008

TGI Friday!

Thanks for coming back. I really missed you. No one can understand Harry Potter like you do. No one can say "la estás cagando" that clearly. I love that you don´t care if you are hurting my feelings (or whatever those are called when talking to people like us), as long as it keeps me well and happy. I love that you are sort of jealous. I said SORT OF. Keep your panties on. I missed being able to pass judgement on people with someone who can understand cruel and sarcastic (reeeeally sarcastic, not the Sarah Silverman way) remarks. Glad to have you back. Please don´t go MIA on me again. Or I´ll kick you huge ass.

And that´s how we say I sort of like you. SORT OF.

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Rol dijo...

Lo que me gusta es lo concreto del post sobre todo del tíulo.
Thank God is friday...
truly God is Friday..
since i'm friday, (para los que no lo sabían i'm friday)
es un silogismo fácil la conclusión no?? a los que no la hayan sacado este comment no es para ustedes.
I´m happy to be back, i truly never left, we where just in radio silence... pero here we are back in contact.. i'm happy you are back as well... y me gusta que hayas aclarado que siempre siempre viernes viene antes sábado y antes que domingo. jajajaajajajaj
lova ya grape