martes, 5 de agosto de 2008

There Has To Be Something Wrong With Me.... Wait, That I knew. But Seriously.

I have yet another problem that was never previously considered. I made out with someone I've known for years and never thought of him that way. It may be dangerous? Yes. Unhealthy? Centainly. Stupid? You bet. Inappropriate? Obviously.

But that is not the problem. The fact that it was dangerous, unhealthy, stupid and inappropriate is, just a fact, not a problem. The problem is I really didn't care. That despite it was all of those things and more I feel absolutely fine. I don't regret it, I actually had so much fun that I would do it again. I don't feel awful about it, it doesn't break my heart the fact that I became this girl who cares more about having fun than about what's wrong or right. It doesn't bother me! It really doesn't. An I'm not horrified and/or disappointed in the person that looks back in the mirror. It has come to the point where if he's semi good looking, or a good dancer, or fun to be with or he can carry out an actual conversation (don't laugh ,this type of men is the hardest to come across) I don't care if it's wrong or not. Or maybe he's neither but I just frigging felt like it. I was surprised to know that the guy I kissed yesteday was all of the above. And we shouldn't have kissed. It was a terrible idea. It can be disaster. It can be trouble. And somehow, or maybe because of that, the "you can't, you shouldn't" part, it was not the best kiss, but, without question, most certainly the best kisser. Ever.

My new problem? is, to sum it up in the wise words of any random public employee:
- Ratón moral? No mamita, no te lo tengo por acá.

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Toto dijo...

Chandler and Monica after they had sex for the first time:
Chandler: So this officially ruins our friendship
Monica: nah! we weren't that close of friends anyways.

This obviously is not your situation but if you both feel it was wrong then so what? A kiss is just a kiss as time goes byyyyy! POr lo menos no te las diste de Sinatra "and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like i loooove you".

Hell woman, conclusion de un lunes: you got kissed!

La Perfecta dijo...

este toto me cae bien.

yo venía a decirte algo similar sobre Chandler y Mónica


un beso, marica